There is a Faulty Question on Your Test

 After the driving course test we had to take a fifty question multiple choice law and safety test before we could take our road practice and test. I am always nervous about test so I over prepare a little bit just to make extra sure. We had to go to the cafeteria in the early morning and I finished the test in about 10 minutes because it was a lot easier then I had feared. I Was expecting some obscure transportation law errata. It was actually more focused on practical driving situations and stern leading questions about drinking and driving. I took my test up to get checked and the instructor congratulated me on getting the best score - a 98%. What the exact heck are you talking about 98%? What did I miss? He told me not to worry about it because I only needed 70% to pass. I kept pushing and he finally relented and let me check. I had missed a question about the minimum distance to park from a fire hydrant. I looked at the answers and then looked in the book convinced that if there was an error it was theirs not mine. It turned out that the conspiracy was deep, real deep. The dang hand book was in on it with the test in their little collusion to prevent me from getting a perfect score with my right, albeit admittedly not demonstrably so, answer. I gave in to the reality that I had missed a question and was a big enough man to admit that I had been wrong mistaken.