A Rock Climbing Competition

 I had been climbing for just over a year and was doing the best among my friends so I decided to try my skill in a proctored environment for prizes and glory. Some friends and I were having a little trouble sticking together the 15 dollar entry so I tried begging. We went to a few friends and girlfriends houses and asked for sponsorship and by the end of the night we had more then enough to cover the entry and the gas and food money we may need to get 20 miles north. I was very nervous on the day of the competition and had some bad poops in the run up. We arrived and were given our score cards and had the rules explained to us and we were free to pick the climbs and the rates at which we participated with the scores to be tallied at the end. I was in the beginners division and quickly climbed the routes designated for that group but so did the rest of my cohort. We moved onto the intermediate and then to advanced with decreasing success. At the end of the hour I new I had the highest score among my friends but I had no idea about the other roustabouts and hooligans in the place. They started off with third place for beginners and It wasn't me and then second was my friend Jordan and that meant that I had won first bu then they called out some other dude's name. I was mad and confused but still essentially a non-confrontational passive aggressive. I had made a plan to go up and complain with my score card in hand but I had to wait for the intermediate and advanced to be called. I was so agitated that I didn't notice that they had called my name for first place in intermediate. My friends were yelling at me to go up and that is when the judges told me that I had scored high enough to win the intermediate division where the prize was a climbing rope and not a 15$ gift certificate to a coffee spot. That seemed to me a lot more fair then cutting me our of the beginner standings on a misunderstanding and graciously accepted a free rope. I felt amazing and was convinced I would go onto greater and greater climbing achievements but that was about it after competing many more times I never placed first again. Now I am a fat washed-up has-been who hasn't climbed seriously in years and never mention it in conversation