Hard Climbing Grabassery

 Besides being a good hand to have in the field Jordan was always down for some after work rock climbing which meant I always had a belay. If you are unfamiliar with sport rock climbing a belay is when a helper in the ground holds the end of the loose end of the rope and takes up and dishes out slack as it is needed to keep the lead climber from hitting the ground if he falls. That means that the belay has to pay really good attention the whole time and be good at their job or they could kill the guy on lead. So back to the climbing. I liked climbing for the challenge and for the exercise and the outdoorsy part but the real reason I liked rock climbing is that it made me sound cool and dangerous to the ladies. To that end whenever possible I would try to bring a lady or two along to see me climb and hopefully be impressed by my cavalier disregard for my personal safety. One day I made a tactical error though and on the way home from work Jordan and I picked up a girl that liked him instead of me. That had nothing to do with the sour grapes, it did have something to do with that. The main thing though was when we went climbing I had been working on my first 5.12 climb which was very hard for me and had been the location of more then a few falls in my quest to climb the old girl. TO that end I needed Jordan's undeviating attention on me and the climb and it was instead on his love interest and her flirty flirtations. When I was heading up I told him to watch me closely as I was about to try a difficult spot but when I went to make my move he was engaged in a little light grabassery with his lady friend and as I went to make my move instead of giving me slack he pulled me off of the rock causing me to fall about thirty feet and right into a rage. I had fallen to within about 15 feet of the ground from about 45 feet up and I was screaming at him to let me down so I could administer a little punitive beating on his almost killing me's butt. He, for some reason, declined to give me the slack necessary to allow me the desire of my screeching heart. He told me I needed to calm down before he would let me down. The girl was just really scared that I had fallen so far and the fact that I obviously wanted to kill her man because of something she had done. Like I have mentioned before I am not good at staying mad and after the enraging chemicals had a moment to metabolize to levels that my still forming frontal lobe could keep in check I calmly ask Jordan to lower me to the ledge where I could hold on again which he did and I resumed climbing up the route. I don't know exactly why but I was able to climb the whole route from then on without stopping and notch my first 5.12. So maybe his distracting flirtations were a blessing in disguise.