Sum-Sum-Summer Time

 With a license it was not quite the uninhibited freedom that I imagined. It was much better. I did have to pay for gas which in the middle 90's was as cheep as free. It was still right at a dollar and I made six of those every hour. I worked for my dad all summer which was some long hours some days but really good money and I got two days off a week and never worked Sundays. So I could go rock climbing every day after work and all day on my days off. After rock climbing I would go and shower up and then head off on a date or to a shindig of some type or another type of soiree. I was not actually invited to many parties so it was mainly dates and hanging out with the boys. I was not invited to hang out with the boys to much so once again it was mainly dates. I liked dates best of all so it worked out all around. I dated local girls and girls from other towns and girls that I got on referral from other girls. I was a lead working maniac when it came to the barest chance of getting a little kissy-facing going on. It was the best of times because I was not yet expected to be making life plans about college and career and I was as free as I could be within the restraints of the rule of law, of course.