Driving Test Can Be Failed

 We had a friend that when he took his drivers test failed because he ran a stop sign. Being good friends we never brought it up or mocked him about that, except for constantly. He retook and passed but it left a little bit of terror in my own mind about failing my test after missing my test and then having to reschedule ad be mocked to boot. When it was my turn to go driving the instructor told me that he knew I was a really good driver already and that we would just go for a ride up the canyon then to a little big city nearby and then home and he would call it good. We drove up and then down a canyon near the high school for the first two hours of the required four hours and then headed up to the biggest city for miles. We drove around town and then I had to park which went fine. I was twenty minutes from finishing my test and going to get my driver's license that very day so started to daydream about what I would do that night to show off my new power and privilege. We were on a wooded side street that had no traffic so I really let my mind wander and my drivers ed teacher started saying 'stop sign' over and over which I heard but didn't register. He said it maybe five times and then hit his own back-up brakes to stop us in time. When I felt the front of the car sag downward with the force of the breaking I snapped out of my daze and woke up to a terrible realization - I had not run the stop sign but would have it he had not saved me. I was terrified that right then and there he was going to fail me and this would all have been for naught. But all he said was, 'You have to pay more attention, lets go home.' He was filling out paperwork on the drive back home and when we got there he handed me the finished certificate of completion. I never teased anyone about failing a test again because but for the grace of coach-drivers-ed go there I.