The Elk Truck Has One Tape

 Like I mentioned earlier I drove the Elk Truck for work and pleasure but ti had some major flaws in its entertainment system, no radio. It had a broken receiver that would play tapes, or more specifically – tape. It did play tapes but sometime in the early summer I had inserted the Opiate album by tool and the ejection mechanism failed and left that tape as the only respite from the sound of my own thoughts and the multiple mechanical rattles that old truck had going on for my listening displeasure. Opiate was a competent album in the hard driving post-glam/hair rock of the early nineties and the angst-y themes appealed to my teenage sense of non-threatening vanilla rebellion. Also there were swears, which was naughty and awesome. The problem with the album was that it was really short, something like thirty minutes which meant a drive to anywhere would get you through the album and back again many times. Here is the best cut off the album: Warning – Contains the F-word as a modifier to “Bob Marley Wannabe Mother” so if you don't want to hear something like that then don't listen.

When I had listened for about four times through I would be done for the day and I would just sing songs that I knew, or ones that I thought that I knew close enough to reproduce the gist of. Jordan did not like me singing the lyrics badly and wrong to many of our shared favorite songs and after a few songs he would ask for a little more Tool. Many times the truck's lack of air conditioning and my loud and demonstrative singing would combine for a windows down a cappella concert for other drivers and pedestrians. Which at least once included my cousin and her family who thought it was really funny and they honked to try and get my attention but I was too enraptured by the sound of my own singing of some radical song as loud as I could to listen to some star stuck fans cheer for me.