Noah and Kyle Can Fly and Die

 That same summer Jordan's older brother Kyle got into climbing as well. Kyle is not a regular guy even his uniqueness is unique. What I mean is most of the time rebellion or deviance is framed in the context of the society as a protest to the mainstream and its values. Kyle just did, and just does his own thing with in his own way apropos to nothing. One day that summer after we had been climbing on a lower face Jordan and I decided to ride up to what was called the rappelling wall, because it was good and tall and strait, perfect for rappelling. Rock climbing had basically ruined the thrill of rappelling for us and now it just seemed like a lot of walking for very little excitement. So we were just going up to see what Kyle and his friend Noah were up to. What they were up to was the most crazy pastime I had ever seen in my life. They had run a three or four hundred foot rope to the top of the cliff through a carabiner and back down to the back bumper of some sort of micro-sub-compact car. Then they were taking turns putting on a climbing harness and tying into the loose end of the rope and then flying up to the top when the car pulled away. I am a naturally anxious person and right when I saw what they were getting up to I was sick with nerves. All I could imagine was the driver going too far and ripping the flier into the top of the cliff and breaking the rope off the carabiner and the flier come plummeting down to the ground. That I did not want to see no matter how cool a successful run looked. I made up and excuse about why I had to be somewhere else right lickety-split and I left Jordan with his brother and friend and their super-danger machinations. I don't know how the whole thing played out except for they were all alive and well the next day so maybe they didn't die.