Everything is Gay and Everyone is a Homo

 I got my notes out of order and forgot about writing the rest about my last camp. Whoops. When we were young we used to call everything gay and imply that everyone was a homo. Which is frowned upon these days but is still rampant especially in the anonymous world of the internet. Back in the day it was the best way to start a fight and that is what we were in the mood for. As a carry over from our previous camps and activities instead of neckerchiefs our troop wore hangman's nooses to show what massive bad A's we were so of course we were always looking to start some static. The boys in the camp leadership got hot showers, flushing toilets and we did not so on the second night we decided to bring some justice to their braggart hot showered world. We knew that they showered after dark and where the building was so we made a plan to block the door and throw sand in through the vent windows. We snuck over and hid in the bushes and waited for them to come in and gave them some time to disrobe and turn on the shower. Once they had we ran up and tied the door with a cord and then started mocking them. We were singing 'Puff the Magic Dragon' as a rather obtuse reference to homosexual oral sex I guess. One of the boys in our raiding party knew a song with 'Vaseline-y, Vaseline-y, Vaseline-y, Rah-Rah-Rah'. We didn't know the words to help him sing but the implied need for lubrication for an off-label use of an anus was enough to really irritate the trapped boys. They were yanking at the door and screaming out death and dismemberment threats. We were laughing and throwing in sand by way of the vents when the door yanking paid off for the entrapped boys and they boiled out a little on the pissed off side. They chased us down and gave most of us a fairly competent beating. We limped back to our camp a little tattered and worse for wear and our adult leaders were wondering who had done this to us and we declined to say because an objective jury might not see it as an unprovoked attack. As is the case many times when boys fight that was the end of it and we laid off the implications of homosexuality and they laid off the savage beatings.