Boyfriend-In-Law is Leaving and We Are Going to Make it in Time

 My sister's long-term boyfriend, you know? The cool one. Was going off for the summer to do something unspeakably cool. He and his friends were riding a bus up to Montana to work as loggers or firefighters or something else terribly manly for the summer and then when they were done they were going to ride their mountain bikes all the way home. Awesome right? My sister had been with him the night before but he was leaving from a town twenty miles to the north early in the morning and she got the bug to tell him goodbye at the bus stop. She asked me to come with her and I thought that would be a fun thing to do at 6 in the morning on a Saturday. The crux of the problem was that he was going to leave in 10 minutes and we were twenty miles to the South. Simple math will tell you we were going to need to haul 'A' haul some serious 'A' indeed. We hopped in the car like Bruce Wayne and his probably not pedophilic love interest, his young ward Dick Grayson on their way to stop a crime that only properly pajama-ed crime fighters could stop. We started going the required 120 miles per hour required by the laws of physics to get us to the point on time. I had never ridden in a car going at this stupid rate of speed and I was not really enjoying it. At 120 every bump and jostle is an adventure in existential terror. Thankfully, just over halfway,  the long arm of the law stopped to ask us just what exactly the hell we were up to going twice the speed limit. My sister started crying half because she was in deep trouble for he speeding transgression and half because the love of her life was just about to get on a bus and she was going to miss the last chance for a good-bye. This next part is sexism at its ugliest point. When the officer saw she was so sad and when he heard her excuse her let her off with a warning after telling her that if he did give her the ticket she would loose her license until she was an adult. I can only assume if I was crying about missing a rendezvous with my boyfriend as my excuse for speeding I would have been treated to a little stick-time and some extra thorough application of the law. She died her eyes and drove within the constraints of the law for the next six miles and still we made it to the bus stop and her boyfriend before he was off for good. It turned out she would only be without him for three weeks but that is a story for another day.