On our drive up to the town where the test was being held our crazy friend Ray sang that Denny's jingle that goes, '$1.99? are you out of your mind?” theme song for the grand slam breakfast probably around two or three hundred times. It was pretty awesome the first 10 times and then started to pass over into a tedious mantra that hung heavy on un-slept nerves. We got to Denny's with the rest the rejects and social misfits that show up at four o'clock in the morning and ordered ourselves a round of grand slam breakfasts which I believe I paid for because I was the only one who had any money. When we finished up our delicious, nutritious and fortifying brain food - hotcakes, two eggs and two strips of bacon. We showed up at the college where the test was being held to get signed in. At this point I was running on adrenaline and a high amount of vibration was coming from my ears, or maybe my brain or the little bit of gushy stuff between the ears and the brain. Sorry to get you side tracked on a bunch of medical mambo-jumbo but for those in the know that kind of stuff is interesting. I got my test books and my room assignment and waited to see what was on an ACT test it turned out it was a lost knowledge party of things I had did knew.. . ago, except for a concept called radians which I guess we had not had time to cover in geometry class. I felt pretty strong going into the reading section when the proctor wrote the wrong time on the board so when I looked up from reading the first of five sections it appeared that I only had 20 of the remaining 60 minutes. I was confused at how I took so much time reading one section of two pages and answering the questions. I panicked and I started reading at a reckless pace to get the other four down in the next 20 min. If you had done as well on the math part as me you know that is roughly 5 minutes apiece, carry the radians by the square root of the derivative. I got all done and everybody was looking around when the proctor glanced up to see why everybody was restless when we had an hour left to go. He looked at the board and realized he'd put the wrong finishing time apologized and corrected it. I was in a tough spot because now I still didn't have enough time to reread and do them right so I settled for an in depth review. I felt like I had done pretty good for not sleeping all night watching the stupid Dazed and Confused and eating Denny's for breakfast and also being cheated out of a reasonable pacing time on the reading section. I got a 32 out of up possible 36, well above the mean, or the median, or the radians and I am still not sure what those words mean.