Spring Break - Lots of Making of Outs

This spring break trip came just recently after my potential girlfriend became my actual girlfriend and just past the day she let herself into the carnal cabal of the kisser-faces. The upshot there was that she was possessed with the converts zeal and wanted to try out some making out when ever there was time. There is nothing more entertaining on the face of the earth for a large group of people on a trip together then to have to constantly wait for the PDA couple to be ready for group time. We were not making out in front of everybody but we were definitely taking more than our share of private walks, naps, and stolen moments. At first everyone was being pretty cool about it but by the third day the rest of the group was getting a little testy and they were starting to make comments that seemed to me like they were getting a bit irritated. The problem was that in the scales of fired up pubescent sexual frustration the opinions of a couple-of-eight dudes and chicks was easily over-weighed by the sweet kisses of a pretty girl. Eventually there was mutiny and the group broke up with the three unattached boys heading into town to find babes of their own. In theory that could have happened, but based on how unhappy their were at the end of the second and third days out woman hunting I had the strong intuition that they had not been as successful as they had hoped. The other girls and one other couple stuck it out with us and moved from Red Cliffs into the nearby town where my girlfriend's best friend's sister lived to take some real showers and to sleep on some couches and beds. We left her sister's house in the morning and drove back home the back way through a town called Virgin which compels all and sundry to stop at the city welcome sign for a picture. The trip back was quiet and everyone in my car but me fell asleep. If you cannot be at peace in a car full of good friends and memories then you may never be.