Matt and I Debate and No One Cares

The story of my would-be girlfriend and I cools off for a couple of weeks, so to fill the time while we wait for more news on that front I will tell you about some other stuff that happened. When I went back to school after having been banned from everything I was still in the debate class I just couldn't participate in extracurricular activities. One day the debate coach from a neighboring school dropped in to see how we were doing things, as he wanted to learn how to win debate competitions like our coach had done. My coach offered to send me and my little brother over to his class at a high school in a town a few miles away to have a live Lincoln Douglas debate and to illustrate for the children what one might see in the heat of fake word fighting so they would not be scared. It was exciting because I had in my mind the idea that somebody actually cared about Lincoln Douglas debate. Here's a spoiler: high school children as a rule do not care that much about formal debate - except for dorks, geeks, and nerds, and who cares what those guys like, right? My coach told him that I had won lots of tournaments but that my style was a bit convoluted and esoteric. I was not really sure what esoteric meant but it sounded like a compliment to my not insubstantial powers of smart-being. My brother and I drove over to the neighboring high school and we set up a 35 min. or so debate. I cannot over emphasize how blindingly boring debate is anyone who is not a debater. A speech class usually has mostly people who are not that interested the class per se, they just heard it was an easy 'A' if you liked to talk. This class was no exception. There were about 40 kids who were there to listen to my brother and I debate the resolution that individual liberty was more important than societal good. Oh, now that's a juicy one. As I relate this story of how badly we bombed this gig I got a little debate twinge and wanted to start writing a quick couple of notes on the resolution, it is like nerd alcoholism you are never cured just in remission. By the end of my first speech, which was 7 min. long, we had lost the room. The teacher kept asking people to quiet down and quit talking but that wasn't doing too much to maintain order. My brother got up for cross-examination and people were openly talking to each other, then he gave his speech and I cross-examined him. I had to get up and give another speech and at this point anyone who's ever lost a room in any sort of public performance knows the agony of pressing through and finishing when you are being actively ignored. We did push on through and then the class was supposed to ask us questions, no one did. One girl said she didn't know why we were there. You and I both sister, you and I both. They voted on the winner and most likely because I had spoken last they said I won. This was not the most horrible thing that ever happened to me in my life but I had somehow gotten into some inexplicable macho posturing about being a good debater and this did put in perspective how exactly bad-A I was for being a debate super Amadeus. Not bad-A at all that's about how bad-A I was.