Spring Break - A Nutless Car and Brushing Our Teeth

We left on our trip late in the afternoon and my poor wussy car was so very gutless that when we would come up to a big hill on the way down it couldn't, even in its lowest gear, get up the hill with five passengers and their gear. Two different times I would build up as much speed as I could on the run up to the hill and then about half way up all of my powers would be consumed and we would slow, sputter and stop. Then the three dudes in the back would have to get out and walk the two miles or so to the top of the hill where I could pick then up again and we could ride down hill and along the flat bits together. This transportation hiccup was making the get-out-and-walk-ers a bit testy and I was getting anxious after the second hill that I might have to ask them to walk again but thankfully there were just the two insurmountable mountains on the way down to our campsite. We got to our campsite at dusk and we just had time to set up our tents and build a fire before dark. I had never been on a big mixed gender camping trip before and I was not sure who was supposed to do what because I had always had some structure and direction in camping. What I did know was that I was going to sleep in the same tent with my girlfriend, hooray, and two other people, boo. When we had eaten and were ready for bed a bunch of us went at the same time to the water spigot to brush our teeth. When we got there and started brushing we all were brushing wondering how long we needed to go to not seem like we were the kind of person who would brush insufficiently. I was done in thirty seconds but I kept brushing, determined to go at least as long as my girlfriend and her best friend who was with us. It had turned into a dental hygiene cold war and we all had been brushing for something like 5 minutes when a girl finally broke and spat and rinsed. We all followed suit and she asked if we had all been waiting to see how long everyone else was brushing to not look like the dentally retarded outcast. It was one of those bizarre social situations one nearly never finds themselves in and the conventions are not well delineated and so things can get weird.