Once More Into the Breach

 Okay, well I decided to put that little nerd dry humping interlude between my two debate stories so that we could have a little comic relief before I plowed into that greatest nerd pass time of all time – recounting their lame nerd activities and not knowing that no one else cares. That being said, here we go. After my first defeat I had a few minutes to familiarize myself with the judges gift case and throw out my useless 'evidence' cards and the weeks worth of work they represented. When I went into my next round I was armed and ready and waded into battle properly armed with someone else's words and reasoning. I won easily now that I knew how to play the game there were three more rounds all of which I won. By late afternoon I was hooked on debate and the thrill of victory and writing my own case. They were handing out trophies and I won first place at my very first debate tournament. That sounds really impressive unless I were to let you know that it was an amateur debate tournament and they gave first place trophies to exactly twenty five people but I feel like a detail like that would paint me in a less flattering light so I am going to keep that to my own self. After handing out the scads of trophies they started handing out awards based on the secondary metric of debate the speaker score. That category only had one one first place and I did not earn that. They handed out gavels for the top five speakers and I was fourth. It was the first time that I had won an award for something that was not science, or writing so I thought that these people must be rather good at detecting and rewarding intelligence and I decided to join their tribe.