The Frau Already Has a Deal

 I started missing English class a lot more than I should have and I was getting into some deep water as far as my academic and citizenship grade was concerned. I started to get into that late semester desperation where I started considering my mistakes and was trying some deathbed make up extra credit deal. I asked the Frau if I could make a deal with her about the missed assignments and attendance. She didn't tell me yes or no but at the end of class she gave me a note that explained her feeling on the subject. I tried to scan it but it was hard to read so I will re-type it here:
The school already has a 'deal' to work off attendance problems! Check with the office! For each week of perfect attendance the office (Mr. Wilson) eliminates one ineligibility. Let's see- while I've been teaching (on + off) with pneumonia, you slept in because you were tired! Did I tell you about my GIFTED son the seminary pres., golf medalist, highest (37) ACT's and SAT's to graduate from P.H.S. Who NEVER missed school? Sincerely Frau
P.S. I'm crabby because I care about you & responsibility. But I'm too sick to buy “I slept in”
Mr. Wilson is a great diplomat, + I respect his judgment.
Following the note was a few whited out lines and a side note that explained why the post script was above the body. It read: See! I'm too ill to Know which side is up!
What I noticed right away was that she had exaggerated her sons accomplishments because a 36 was the best score possible not the 37 she claimed. She also lost some of her credibility when I told her that Mr. Wilson had offered a alternate deal if she would agree. Her previous claims of respect seamed to have been forgotten and she said she didn't care what he said that in her class she was in charge. I worked out with my other teachers away to stay eligible for my only reason for coming to school – debate. The Frau held out for a bit and then gave me a deal which I screwed up.