We Mellow Down and I Drive Us Home

 The cold and the breeze caught up with my friend and our wild woman comrade and they put on some clothes and came to join me around what was now a really good fire. Evidently the cold and the booze were wearing her down and she was starting to take it down from eleven to the high eights which made me a little less nervous about her drawing attention to us and our contraband. We sat and talked while the canyon slowly faded to blue and then black. I had built the fire up against a overhanging cliff and by keeping it fueled it heated up the rock and sent nice mellow heat and shadows down on us while we discussed music and clothes, friends and lovers. Even though the day had been sweltering the evening was starting to chill off and the cool air was starting to be a real steady breeze that even a magnificent fire was not keeping at bay. It was also full dark by now and we hadn't brought any light. This was bad because we still had to mange to cross the river and the steep far bank in the near total dark. I helped my nearly asleep wild woman to the bank and across the fallen log we had to use for a bridge and my friend made his own way back to the car. We all piled into the front and I drove us all home. My friend lived across town which in our town meant about two miles so I dropped him off first. I drove to my house and pulled up in front of the huge climbing willow and sat in the dark car for a second deciding if I wanted to take my passenger up on her explicit, explicit offer. I declined because - I don't really know why and told her goodnight and she, hopefully more sober now, drove off. I went in and no one asked where I had been. I was just glad I had made it through the night un-busted for a number of youthful indiscretions that I thought would end my life. The next day my friend would not believe that I had turned her down and maybe still doesn't believe me. I'll ask him someday.