The New Deal In Our Town and Brain Damage

 When she cracked the Frau made a deal with me that included a play being put on by the local community college. We had been reading 'Our Town' in class and she told me that if I would go to the play and take note and tell her about it she would excuse all of my absences and tardies and give me a passing grade. More than fair I thought and I called a girl to see if she would join me on a homework date. I don't remember who I called because a short time after I called the girl I was rock climbing on my climbing tree and fell flat off to my back and hit my head quite hard on the ground. I was really loopy and singing and dancing even more than normal which had my mom a little concerned but I told her I was fine and at five I loaded up into my truck and went to pick up my date Miss Nameless. I was in a fog driving to twenty miles to the community college and parking. I remember walking around the school for a bit looking for a place to watch a Thornton Wilder play, that much was still stuck to the working part of my brain. Our tardiness worked to my advantage as they had stopped charging for entrance and my date and I got a program and went and watched the play. Or I should say I may have watched the play because after the 'sit on the front of the stage and explain stuff guy' started his bit the next thing I remember was getting a drink at Juice and Java and then it goes blank for another good stretch. I remember telling the girl I was fine and sitting in the truck in the dark for a little bit. I don't remember much else except for somehow I knew the girl had a tattoo around her navel, so take that for what it is worth. I came home about 2 a.m. and my mom was furious but I couldn't remember driving home. She saw that my eyes looked a little off and she asked me some questions and I was evidently a lotta goofy so she took me into the E.R. for some attention. I don't remember the E.R. but I do remember waking up almost late for the Frau's English class the next day and that would have been counter productive to miss that so I rushed out the door and just made it to school in time to collect my extra credit and not dig my hole any deeper.