My Spurned Friend Thinks That it is Funny That I Kissed a Girl

  The friend who was with me when I met the beauty queen girl thought he should have been included in the dating of her, or her friend, or something. He was a little distressed that I had gone on a date with her without inviting, or even checking with him. So the next Monday when I was talking to him at school and I told him about the date and the apology cake he was visibly agitated and he started asking me questions about what we did I told him about dinner, the movie and the duck-feed-walk and he was getting more flustered. He didn't talk to me the rest of the day and the next morning when he saw me he told me that he had talked to the girl last night and she told him that she got into trouble because we were out so late, I knew that and didn't get his point. Then he tried to mock me because he asked her if we had kissed and she had said yes. I had left that detail out because I didn't think it was his business but I really didn't care if he knew. I mean, bottom line, I kissed a girl - a cute girl, she had liked it and I had liked it so I didn't see the issue. I was also 17 and not 12 and since I was not still stuck in the pre-to-early-pubesent shame I was actually proud of my wickedness and unbowed. He kept trying to shame me by making fun of how I kissed a girl but it was literally just a little confusing as to what he thought the effect would be. In retrospect, I know he was just jealous and trying to embarrass me but maybe he had a different idea of what would be embarrassing to a typical 17-year-old. After his attempt at public shaming he was distant and cold for a couple of months, either mad at me or paying me back I am not sure either way I was not too concerned, I got the girl.