Do You Like Piña Colada?

After Freedom Academy I was spending a fair amount of time traveling the hour and a bit north to take my girlfriend out on a date. She was returning the favor and coming down for a couple of dates and a dance. It was clear that it was not sustainable but it was a lot of fun. I went up there late one evening to go to a party with her after I had worked all day with my dad and then went climbing. It had already been a very full day and I should have gone to bed but any hint of a possibility that I might get some loving was too much to pass up. I showered up and tried to pop an unsightly zit on my chin, that went badly. It was a gooey swelled mess but instead of taking this as a further sign I should just call it a night I cut out a tiny circle of band-aid and covered it up. It looked like I covered a zit with a band-aid but that was better then that festering monstrosity that was the alternative. I drove up there already starting to fall asleep and when I got to the party I was really tired. I hung out, uncharacteristicly quite and calm and ran into the couple of kids I knew from UASC and Freedom Academy and then I went out onto the porch with my girlfriend and fell asleep while I was cuddling her on the love seat swing. She was trying to wake me up because it was only about 11 and there was plenty of party left but I was unconscious with fatigue. She went inside at one point and got some piña colada mush in a little can and she tried to feed me some. It was one of the most miserable feelings of my life being kept out of deep sleep into a half conscious world filled with force fed piña colada. I was trying to tell her to stop but I was too out of it so I had to eat and was so scared that I formed an aversion to the flavor of piña colada that made it impossible for me to enjoy it at all for ten years. Ghastly. I slept the night out on the porch and in the morning I had to head off before almost anyone was up so I woke my girlfriend, kissed her and she walked me out to my truck for one more hug, one more kiss and a farewell.