You're Our Only Hope

 The thing that you must know about the CB is that the most important thing when you are getting started is you must have a handle, a sweet handle. A handle needs to evoke your very essence with a single word or clever short phrase. When we were little and on the road on family trips my sister went by Rose or Miss Piggy. She was not fat but she really identified with Piggy's take no prisoners approach to being and independent woman. I went by Cheetah because I thought I was fast, I was not fast but a handle can also serve to evoke a desired image as well as a literal one. There was a kid in our school a tall gangly sort of cowboy that was named Jacoby. The spelling might be off on that but it was pronounced JA-coh-bee with a long 'O' witch made it a rather unique name. It sounded a little funny already but at some point people stated calling him Obi Wan Jacoby because it made it much funnier and it pissed him right off. When we got into our CB abuse phase we one way or another determined that his self chosen handle was Red 21. I don't know the significance to gods or men of that name but it does have a certain panache that demands respect witch was not funny. We would get on the CB and request to talk with Red 21 and when he would get on I would start in with the greatest of all Obi Wan Jokes; “Help me Obi Wan Jacoby your my only hope.” delivered in my best princess Leia voice. Oooo-boy did he hate that. He would fluster and bluster and swear and threaten and call me a faggot and a pussy and call me out to fight and we would laugh and laugh. Then I would let it die down a little and in a couple of hours or days I would change my voice to a nice deep twangy countrified trucker type voice and ask for Red 21 and then ambush him again. I really think that if I could get him on the CB today I would not be able to restrain the urge to give it one more spin, for old times sake.