Are You Guys Psychic Twins?

 Most Saturdays during the fall and winter I was going to debate tournaments. The coach would meet us early in the morning at the school and then we would drive in a bus or Suburban to the school where the meet was at and spend the whole day competing in events and hanging around making jokes, flirting, and talking about the events we competed in. It was all very soothing in a very nerdy way to be with other people who knew what it meant to really tear into someone during cross examination. You tell a regular person something about how you absolutely destroyed this kids case and had him fumbling his notes and not being able to find his place for the last speech and they would not give a flying filibuster. Debate nerds wouldn't exactly listen but sometimes they would wait quietly, feigning interest, until you were done talking before they started telling you how they did something like that too. My brother and I were both pretty big jokers and in these, often long, down times we would laugh and joke and make fun of people or play tricks on others. One trick that we would do was a prank where we would pretend to be telepathic. I would tell a someone, usually a cute girl someone that My brother and I were twins and that we could read one another's minds. I would tell my brother and the rube that I was thinking of a number and he would bear down in obvious mental effort and then proclaim the number and I would excitedly confirm any number he said as being the very one I had thought of. About 90% of people would be amazed, not guessing the trick and some would even get so excited that they would want to see it again or run go grab some friends to see this unfathomable trick. With those quicker on the uptake usually letting the game play out the real fun came in seeing how long it would take some people to suss out that we were just faking it. Sadly, there were a few who never caught on and a couple who struggled with the concept once it was explained to them step by step. At that point it turns from comedy to tragedy and we lament the state of the American educational system.