Dingdong Ditch

 The same group of friends who got very involved in the citizens band radio hooliganism were also up for a little Dingdong Ditching of an evening. We did not at the time call it dingdong or even doorbell ditching we had a much more ugly and racially charged name for it which I will leave to the uninitiated's imaginations. For those who may not be familiar with this practice it is just going by houses late at night and ringing the doorbell and then running off. Not a lot to do in a small town. One night a car and a van's worth of ne'er-do-wells stayed late behind the pizza restaurant that my friend worked as a delivery boy for until he got off and then headed off looking for a little mischief. We decided to go by a couple houses of people we knew on that side of town and dingdong ditch them. The first house we went to was a girl who was not on the romance radar and was a little annoying. Our older friend ran up and rang the door bell about twenty times and then ran off to the van being chased by a rather athletic and quickly responding dude in his early twenties. We escaped just barely and mainly because we had the element of surprise. We went to five or six other houses with nothing more exciting then the porch light coming on. It was getting to be about 1 am and our lunatic friend decided he wanted another swing at the chaser so we headed back for a rematch. We were poised with the van door open when he approached the door and gave it a too long set of rings and then took off with the psycho chaser responding in half the time and had the van not been rolling and the door open my friend would have been bagged for sure. We went to a half dozen more houses and seeking the ultimate dingdong thrill my friend requested a third go at the chaser. We pulled the van and car up a few hundred feet down the road so as to not tip our hand and our friend went in for the final insult. Even though it was now 2:30 in the ante meridian he had scarcely depressed the bell switch the first time when the door opened and out shot the dude hot in pursuit with retribution on his mind. My startled friend scrambled and fell down the stairs a little and had only made it to the end of the driveway when he was captured. We didn't see what was happening because we were on the wrong side of the driveway to see what was going on behind the car. Our friend struggled a bit was arguing a little and then came out to the van a few seconds later. He said that the guy caught him and twisted his arm and told him that he was in the air force and that if he rang the doorbell at night again he was going to beat him. I figured that was the night for us and it was time to go home but wounded pride demanded a final rematch because my friend is crazy. We drove around the block and came right back my friend was a little more ready for an ambush this time and the car and van were both ready for action as he went to the side door this time rang a good long ring and run jumped in the van and we were pulling off when the harbinger of doorbell justice realized he had sprung out the wrong door and was a step behind. We were a couple of blocks away and not giving too much to our escape and focusing more on laughing when we saw two sets of headlights pull out of the house we were just at and start closing the gap on us really fast. The Van and car drivers connected by the thread of radio took off towards our hometown six miles away and to more familiar streets for evasion. The pursuers stayed right with us and when we decided to split and head down country roads one vehicle stayed on the van and one followed our car. They followed us up and down streets and through windy roads for over an hour until we shook them it was a little after four as we sat parked backwards in some scrub oak on what was then known as the bench watching the jeep that had been following us make a few furtive passes up and down the side streets that we had abandoned. He finally gave up and drove away. We gave it a few minutes to make sure we were not driving into a trap and then made our way to the pizza delivery friends house to spend what was left of the night and recount the thrill of the escape.