What is Your Preference Ladies?

 After our close run in with some angry truckers with butt whoopin' on the brain you may have thought that would be a good time to knock off the shenanigans, it would have been but we were dumb. For a while there when ever it was just us boys we would get on the citizens band and rile up the locals and the hundreds of truckers passing by on the freeway every hour. There was a pretty major fuel stop in the next town over from ours and at any given moment there was one local prostitute or another slyly propositioning the passers-through with a ridiculously simple code to break.
“Hey there big fella would you be interested in some 'Home Cooking'? You would only need to bring me thirty 'Roses'.”
What could it mean? We needed no enigma machine to figure out what those local ladies had on offer and we loved to antagonize them and did whenever we could. We would often decode the message and tell the truckers that she wanted to have sex with them for money. The ladies would yell at us and tell us to get off the air and the truckers would threaten to beat us up. Hilarious. Sometimes we would even pose as truckers and make a deal and then lead them on until they figured out it was joke and then they were really pissed. My friend started asking all the truckers and ladies a single yelled question, “Thick or long what is your preference?” and after a while just, “Thick or long?”. Once it devolved to that the fun went out a little and after about six weeks we just lost interest and left the roadside hookers and their clients alone.