The Ram-It-Home School of Car Mechanics Fails

 I don't know ho widespread the term 'digging' is for off-road driving but that is what we used to describe what we were up to that day we drove to Forebay. Here is a typical/hypothetical conversation that will put our hillbilly slang into context:
“Hey, you guys go sloughing (to skip school for fun) to go diggin' up to Forebay?”, asks a typical/hypothetical hillbilly who had been left out of the sloughing and digging.
“Yes”, would be the typical/hypothetical response from the typical/hypothetical me who had indeed gone sloughing and digging.
Hope that cleared it up for you.
After we drove up to Forebay and the muffler which was already leaky broke most of the way off and was dragging on the road putting off plenty of sparks. We were drivign down the canyon screaching and blazing so I decided to drive around in a muddy field on the side of the road to try and finish off the muffler. We drove and stuck and unstuck the car for about an hour and that stupid muffler was still hanging on by a tread but some of the guys had to get home so we drove the six miles back home grinding off the muffler slowly. When we got to my friend Jordan's house I climbed under the car with some tools to try and unbolt the mostly loose muffler but the ripping and dragging had jammed up the bolts and they refused my gentle coaxing and prolific cursing. My play devolved from a civilized attempt at that most noble of primate arts, tool use; back to what made us the top species on the planet - the ram-it-home school of mechanics. 
Like Hannibal's elephants or Catherine's horse sometimes you just have to go big and then go home.  
I got a long rope and a ratcheting tie strap and connected the muffler to the telephone pole that was by the drive way and I got a running start at driving downhill out of their driveway to snap the exhaust system off. I don't want to bog you down with a lot of high level physics and whatnot but when I hit the end of the hundred foot rope the tatters of the muffler pipe were more then enough to snap my car to a stop and send me pretty hard into the steering column that bloodied my nose, honked the horn and pissed me right off. The people watching were not so angry more entertained if anything. They were all laughing and telling me to give it another go. I invited them to preform a sex act on themselves and to shut up. I gave it one more tentative yank and then unstrapped my rig and drug my muffler home across town and then cut it off with a saws-all like I know how. When my dad asked how the muffler cam off I told him it just fell off when I drove at a reasonable speed over a speed-bump. Must have been loose.