Le Dénouement

 My friend was pretty rattled by my early morning return and predicament. She was even more worried that the owners of the house and the parents of the children were going to be back the next morning and there was little chance that they would be understanding about a strange boy sleeping in their house. She also could not send me back into the storm cold, wet and tired. She got me some dry clothes and put mine in the dryer, she put me in a unused downstairs bedroom and told me that I would have to leave at six in the morning. I was just glad I was not dead so that seemed like a fair deal and four hours of sleep was more then I had in my narrowly averted past-future; freezing in a car off the side of the road. I was still scared about being stuck on the side of the road even though it was over and I was in a relatively warm bed with a strange man's clothes on trying to go to sleep. At 5:45 my friend came downstairs to kick me out before the kids saw me or the adults came home. I changed back into my now dry clothes and was heading out into the clear blues and purples of an early winter morning. I decided to try for one more kiss before I went but she was not really in the mood for that at the moment and I was kiss dodged and gently pushed towards my sometimes miraculous car. The tough old rattletrap started up and I drove back into town got gas and drove home the safer but longer lowland route to the East. The roads were clear and dry when the sun came up and I considered my situation sighed, smiled and decided that life was not so bad sometimes, not so bad at all.