The Downstairs is Where the Hardcore Kids Are

 Downstairs was one of those late 70's brown carpeted, wood paneled, white stone fireplace jobs that they made by the gazillions. There were about seven kids, two girls and five boys sitting in the standardized weed smoking circle and being too cool about it to enjoy it. They were taking slow and easy tokes passing the joint and then slowly and smoothly exhaling in the measured ease of kids who were not just starting into the contraband game. My friend and I were standing in the the archway letting our eyes adjust to the smokey gloom when one of the girls asked if we were going to just f-wording stand there. Those are the kind of questions that you can only sound like a goober answering. I look at my friend for some direction and she gave a 'I-don't-know' shrug and looked right back at me looking for direction of which I had none. The direction I wanted to go was right back up the stairs, out the door, into the car and find someplace to make-out with my friend. I didn't want to look like I was not cool though and I took my girl by the hand and went to sit on the couch behind the circle. It was one of those couches that had a nice orange-ish pastoral scenes printed on it. I snuggled my girl under my arm, sat down and tried to strike up some small talk. I asked if they were from around there and most of them ignored me except for the girl who wanted to know about my 'F-wording' intentions earlier. She giggled derisively and asked the rest of the room and not me or my date, 'Who the 'Eff' is that guy?' I was not used to such a cold reception, ever since I got into junior high and found my stride socially I was unaccustomed to being big-timed by a bunch of small town hard asses. I would have been intimidated normally but for some reason this night instead of my normal timidity when confronted I just got angry. I told her that she didn't need to be a B-word, I was just trying to hang out. She must had been a pretty widely regarded as a B-word because right as I called her that the rest of the room kind of warmed up and laughed. She told me to preform coitus with myself and asked if we wanted in on the weed smoking. I told her I didn't really smoke weed and thanked her anyway. After our little exchange where in we both growled and barked to see who belonged where everything was copacetic and my girl and I stayed and talked for a while with the hardcore stoner kids who turned out to be pretty cool. It was way better then sitting around and watching that stupid movie with the less adventurous kids.