The Government Lets Us Play With Their Toys

 To try and lure us into the various officer cores the government thought it would be a good idea to let us play with all of the good toys and get us hooked. It is the oldest cliché in the drug game, the first one's free. They started us out on the machine guns and then we got to shoot some sniper rifles. That was pretty cool but I had shot similar civilian guns so I was not sold. Then they let us drive tanks, armored personal carriers and the Hummer which at the time was a real military vehicle not some plastic looking knock-off for high maintenance soccer moms to drive to Cafe Rio. We even got to shoot sabot, small practice, rounds out of the tank which was pretty cool. Then they got us in the helicopters and that is when I was starting to get interested. We got in a troop transport model and the pilot took us on a wild ride, it must have been just like what Jasmine was feeling on her magic carpet ride that got her into bed with a that street rat Aladdin. To be clear, I did not sleep with the pilot. I was impressed by the speed and power of the equipment but I cannot get over the mental hump I have witch is that when used to their purpose they are for killing people whom are chosen by politicians and if you sign up you do what you are told. I could not get my heart and mind on board with that and even though I was tempted it was not a career I could be comfortable with.