I am pretty much tone deaf in my joking to offensive material and that makes for some uncomfortable situations. After we were divided into groups we were supposed to play some get-to-know-you games, we did that. We were supposed to say our name and then give a unique anchor phrase. The only name I remember from the game was Pepper, a easy name to remember in its own right, but she added the anchor phrase 'like's paprika' and that was all I needed. After we played the games we were supposed to choose a leader and was often the case in my youth I sought out, and was selected for leadership positions. I wanted the glory of being the head man in charge but my personality, lack of propriety, and general laziness made for very frequent catastrophes. This time was no exception. After I was elected class president of my new group our first order of business was to come up with a school name and mascot as well as a service project idea. We were group 'K' and we were supposed to work that into our theme. Having been raised on Monty Python's 'The Search For The Holey Grail' I suggested we be called the Kanuck Knights - pronounced Ka-Nig-Etts. After I got everybody on board with that idea and we had made a school logo and mascot. I pitched the idea of our project being the Kunuck – Knights - Klean-up and the initials made for a great attention getter. We made some posters and were ready for the pre-lunchtime presentation. We went last and all of the big KKK signs were a little unsettling to many of the more sensible students and teachers. I am of the opinion that unintentional humor, or fake unintentional humor is the best kind. I had wrongly assumed that a school unwittingly making the initials of of the school and service project spell out KKK would be funny. Many were not amused and I was taken aside after the last presentations and told that it was not going to be acceptable to have KKK iconography as our school's main theme. We had to rework our signs and projects in the time after lunch. We changed the signs to Canuck Knights Cleanup or CKC which is not going to bother anyone.