I had an eventful summer that year, I went on that dive trip, went to UASC, Freedom Academy, and took a trip to Florida all in three months. We got the diving all squared away so we move now onto the UASC. UASC, or the Utah Association of Student Councils, was a summer camp for student councils to train our mind and direct us into, 'Having The Best Year Ever!' There are some really cool and charismatic kids around the state and almost all of them came together at the Snow college campus out in the middle of the boonies. As a loner type iconoclast I was not one who had spent a lot of time at organized activities preferring generally to limit my activities to a small group of friends or just a girl. I think the reason I liked it better that way was that I like to get things done, I get up early, I like to get right after any activity and bite off life in big meaty chunks. Most people I knew were slow-goers, sleeper-inners, homework-prioritizers, they would not want to go where I was going or at the speed I wanted to go so I reasoned that the pleasure I got from their company would be less than what I could get going my own way. That was not the case at UASC, the kids were amazingly talented, smart, funny, friendly and really good at lots of things. It was amazing for the first time in my life to be surround by self confident go-getters I was so used to cajoling everyone to do something a little adventurous but these guys and girls were the gas not the breaks. Everything from check in to group assignments to seating, and eating ran so preternaturally smooth with only well behaved and intelligent kids. After the first day there I was just stunned about how much better everything was with the right people. After we were gender segregated and assigned to the abandoned dorms we all met up in a general hall to be assigned to workign groups for the week. Every group only had one kid from each school in it and with about thirty high schools represented we had about an average class-size worth of kids, all strangers. It sounds like a recipe for disaster but within minutes of getting together as a group the kids had self directed and organized a plan of action to complete the first days tasks. Not in a bossy or officious way but in the manner of a group that wants to do things the best way and has the intelligence to recognize a good plan and to go with it. I had never seen anything so beautiful in all my life and I have never since.