I Seal My Fate

 Before I went to the UASC camp I had been selected with one of my friends to be the two representatives from our school to go to a armed forces wine-and-dine camp called Freedom Academy. The idea was that they would try and lure the best and brightest into the officer schools for any of the armed forces. The point is that it started the Sunday morning after the Saturday finish of UASC and that Saturday I was driving up to a town an hour north to have my date with the girl I had a crush on from UASC that meant I would be cutting in very close. She had asked me to bring up a friend for a double date so I called a kid I knew who was tall, blonde and strapping and asked him to do me a solid and go on a date with an unknown but allegedly cute girl. With pictures or everyone available in seconds nowadays blind dates are much less blind but back then it was a real gamble but the dude came through and took the risk. When we arrived he was glad he had because the girl was a solid eight and a half that had dolled up to a temporary nine and that is not a bad sign. We went out to dinner, then to the mall and finally out to a park. My date had been close and cuddly all night and it looked like my friend was coming along nicely as well so when we went to the park we wandered apart from each other to try on our kissy faces. My date was a gentle and clean kisser which was very nice we made out a bit and then she wondered where her friend was and if she was okay. We found the two non-lovebirds sitting and talking on the playground equipment and asked her friend what time it was. She informed us that it was currently two in the AM. That was surprising and unwelcome news because I was supposed to have my girl home by midnight and I was supposed to report to military camp at 7 AM and I still had an hour to drive home and an hour to camp and pack my gear sometime in that time. We hustled up and got the girlfriend dropped off and then I took my date home where her dad was waiting for her so I didn't get a good night kiss. He was really mad so I apologized to him for my poor timing on curfew. I thought I could just hustle home get my stuff and show up to camp in time if I skipped sleeping. Not sleeping seemed like a reasonable plan at the time and I thought I was in the clear but I would find out about a very weird coincidence in about four hours.