We're On the Bus, Whacha Gonna Do?

 Some days I would ride on the bus with my friend Cole if we didn't have a vehicle and we would usually goof off a little and it was no big deal until one day we enraged a little tough man. We were inexplicably singing a Beastie Boy's deep track from the best hip hop album of all time, “Paul's Boutique”. It was a section of a song called B-Boy Bouillabaisse where the boys rap that each of the other boys are in the house so what where they going to do? Go A.W.O.L.. Give her a listen her on the you tubes.
We were singing this song but instead of the Beastie Boys names we were singing the names of kids as they got on the bus. Once again let me stress that I have absolutely no recollection of why in the sweet blue hells we were doing this. It was all a pretty mindless and harmless diversion until we accidentally sang the name of a little tough man that was a year older than us. He had not been on the bus to hear that we had sung the names of about a dozen other kids and he was just the next person on the bus. He assumed that we had singled him out for ridicule and while he took his seat calmly at first he must have been festering up some rage. He was extra sensitive to mockery because his family was one of those that gets fore-ordained by most of the kids in the town to be the butt of jokes and the victims of vandalism. It was not anything they had done or anything about them personally it was just the way it was and everyone would always take a poke at them because they were the designated scapegoats. So he was extra sensitive and defensive. He had been sitting for a bit and we had lost interest in our name singing game and were just having a nice chat when like a short fluff mullet-ed ball of hate grabbed us both by the hair and if I remember right tried to slam our faces into the backs of the chairs or into each other. We honestly had no idea what his problem was because we had meant nothing by the song nad he was one of several people who we indicated would cause us to go AWOL because they got on the bus. He asked us what our problem was and threatened us and we told him to clam down and leave us alone. He Left us with a warning and it was not long before I crossed his path again.