We Date a Couple That is Breaking Up

 After we arts-and-crafted our way into a date it turned out that none but your truly could drive so I was required to do so. The couple we were doubling with were some friends of my somewhat girlfriend who I did not know. They were breaking up with each other and this was going to be their last date together so they spent the night in the back seat of my car variously entwined and sobbing. Then we were at a horrible Mexican restaurant where they were variously sobbing, entwined and consuming some of the worst cheese enchiladas ever devised by the mind of man. It was tedious in the beginning and only got worse as the evening wore on. We went to the dance proper and got our couple and group pictures taken and then we hung around sitting next to our sobbingly entwined comrades until enough time had passed to load up and go find something else to do. My date asked to to drive somewhere secluded for a little -wink wink- slap and tickle. That was an idea I could get behind but I had forgotten about our lacrimonious baggage. We drove out to a jetty that people called a levee which was at the foot a hill called west mountain which, in turn, was at a boat dock called Lincoln beach. You would have to cast the old beach definition net really, really wide for anything in the vicinity to be called a beach. Yet there we were, and the geography was not the only thing that was not as it should be. We were sitting in a dark car on a dark road looking out at the lake waiting for the steel mill across the way to make its nightly dump of slag into cooling pond which would make that side of the lake glow a magical orange-red against the plumes of steam that would billow up, I mean, if that is not a magical recipe for teenage romance then check your pulse. Romance, sadly, was not in the air so much as the weeping and wailing of the damned loves in the backed seat of my car. I don't know if I ever knew why two obviously passionate and emotional loves were forced to separate. Was it a unforeseen move, a overbearing parent, pregnancy , or another lover? I didn't and don't want to know I just wanted for them to shut up with all waterworks and drama. We tried to make out for a bit but it is really to get the mood right when there is a snippet or blurb of teenage histrionics intermittently intruding. It bored so deep into my psyche that it placed a white hot poker right on that little piece of brain which is responsible for liking people and generally being happy and burnt it right up. I counted the minutes until we could go home, but what was this? A twist! The lovers didn't want to go home to face their fate and be separated and they begged to stay out for as long as possible. Nope. I told them some story about how I would be murdered and then beaten if I was late getting home and they asked that I drop them off together at neither of their houses. That I could do just to get them out of ear shot. Them gone I took my date to her house and then went hoe and stayed up all night talking ot my brother’s friend about his mold allergies which sounds boring but in contrast to the insipid tumults of adolescent emotions that I had to endure for five hours it was riveting. I never saw our star crossed loved again.