Pushing Queers Into Lockers

 In general I like to avoid conflict and not get into fights. This is for two reasons, both of witch are because I am a sissy. I did get into several fights and near fights because of my stupid smart mouth and my penchant for taking a joke just over the line. One fine morning I did almost pick a fight with a jock at our school who was being a real punk to a easy target nerdy kid. I was talking with a couple of friends in the hall before school when a star player from the football team walked by with some of his friends and out of the blue ran up and two arm pushed a kid as hard as he could into a locker. The kid was a super shy and nice kid who was in a few of my drafting classes and was unfortunately the focus of abuse for too many of the more violent boys. There was a rumor or two around school that some guys had pretended to be his friend so that they could videotape him being beat up and abused after they gained his trust. I don't know how much of that was true, and I never saw the tape but the story was repeated often enough to at least seem plausible. On this morning I had seen enough of this jackass and his jackass friends with their stupid braying laughs. I got really pissed when they were telling this poor dude that the reason they had attacked him was that they were, 'pushing queers into lockers'. I was across the hall and wanting to hurt one of those A-holes so I crossed the hall, gaining speed and gave the ring leader a two hand shove into the locker. I didn't typically want to start fights but I had made an exception. The jock was startled as he slammed into the locker and as I have mentioned before the jock and popular kid have so rarely if ever been picked on they have no context in which to frame their response and they are dramatically and hilariously out of their element. He called me by my last name and asked me what the 'F' was my problem. He looked like he was about to cry which was a good sign as far as the fight went. I told him I didn't have a problem I just thought we were pushing queers into lockers. He defended his actions by saying he was just messing around with the other kid and that he didn't mind. The abused kid actually confirmed that he didn't mind, which was sadder to me than the whole thing combined. I told him that I minded and that he was a dick for walking around thinking he was tough and cool. I mentioned he thought he was so bad-a because he was a star player on a team that had won only one game all season. He made the obligatory chest out threats but he heart was not in it and when the bell rang he walked off with a parting threat for me to never do that sort of thing again. I didn't but then again I never saw him run people into lockers again.