Getting Elected

 The election was held on a Friday and I spent the day getting out the vote and then encouraging people to commit fraud for the vote. I was very nervous because it was obviously a popularity contest and what if I lost? Couldn't face it. They didn't tell any of us who won because they wanted to publicly humiliate us at an elections results dance where everyone could see you when you lost. I went to the dance with my friends and my brother and his friends and we had our regular goofy time at the dance doing funny role playing dances like the lawn mower, the washer woman, the snake killers, and others equally funny dances. In between awesomely stupid dances with the guys I was slow dancing with all of the cute girls which was going well except for this one time when I asked a girl to dance to 'One' by U2 it starts out all slow-songy and then ambushes you with a totally unreasonably paced part which is also much loader. It makes you either abort the slow-circle-hug dance or increase the pace to a ridiculous rate that makes you look a little stupid.

 I was dancing with the one Asian girl at our school when the beat changed and I tried to legitimately take the tempo up realized my mistake and then tried to play it off like I was just joking the whole time and she laughed so I was off the hook. The entire night my stomach was tight and I felt like I was floating outside of my body except for the mouth part which was really dry. At the end of the dance they read the results and started with secretary which was won by the lesser of two evils. Then it was third vice-president with no build up my name was read and a couple of people weakly woo-wooed and some of my friends gave me a high five or two. The rest of the names were read and it was all of the guys I wanted so I was happy for that. I looked around to find the kid I had beat to give him a conciliatory 'attaboy' but he was over getting a face to face hug from his best friend that looked like it might turn romantic at any moment so I just headed out to my car in what was a mighty anticlimax for all of the stress it caused me. I have always hated loosing more than I liked winning.