I may need to put my conflict with the vice principal into context. I did not hate the guy he was just a guy who was trying too hard to be one of the guys, a skill you either have or do not, and when his every man’s approach didn't work he would flip over into a draconian authoritarian. This would happen a couple of times a day. His favorite metaphor for what types of kids that ruined it for everyone was lifted from a comment made by the American Motorcyclist Association that only 1% of bikers were outlaws. He adapted that for the kids at our high school and doubled it to be the 2%. He would refer to the 2%ers every chance he got, in speeches and over the PA or anytime he had a captive audience. Knowing that he thought we were twice as saturated with real criminals than the American biker gang culture made me happy. Many of the kids at the school began referring to themselves as 2%ers and a friend of mine loved to use it as justification and explanation for his bad behavior.
An example based on actual events:
The Vice Principal: “Who stole the responsibility banner from the hall?”
My friend: “I bet it was one of those 2%ers!”
Another example:
The Vice Principal: “Why did you steal the responsibility banner from the hall?”
My friend: “I can't help it, I am a 2%er what do you expect?”

I loved that he assumed that all high school kids were a little dim and we all just needed to be tricked into good behavior with a little shame and a little “buy in”. Every time we came into conflict over matters large or small I liked to tweak him a little about his simplistic views about child psychology and the problem child. I bet he really loved me for doing that and helping him discover the flaws in his thinking.