Ruby Red Squirt at a Discount

 Another equally hilarious joke was to sit across the hall way from a soda machine that had the inexplicable option of selecting a Ruby Red Squirt. Not many people willingly choose that flavor so we would strike the selection button a a downwards and sideways direction that would make it stick and auto select that beverage as soon as a pair of quarters dropped. That was pretty funny to watch people put in their money and before they could make their selection a unwelcome Ruby Red Squirt would drop and ruin their beverage buying experience. 
Costs the same as the one you wanted with none of the  "you wanted".
What would add to the joke was that sometimes we would put in a nickle to prime the machine. What would happen then was a person would put in their fifty cents and then get their unbidden refreshment and start to complain only to notice that a nickles worth of change just clattered into the return tray. Almost always they would turn to some one either a companion or a passer by and say this stupid machine just automatically gave me a Ruby Red Squirt but it only cost me forty five cents. The ten percent discount was all it took to turn their perceived bad luck into a noteworthy windfall. A couple of time someone would have a dramatically aggressive reaction and slap or shake the machine which always made us laugh and draw attention. One time a kid who was wound a little too tightly asked if we had set him up clearly ready to hand out some head smacks if we had. My friend Cole threw him off the trail by saying he was just laughing because that damn machine just did the exact same thing to him. That made us brothers in soda fiat oppression and made sure we didn't get any unnecessary pummeling. I don't know when or why we stopped doing this prank but I guess it was whenever they discontinued Ruby Red Squirt and no other compulsory soda made anyone quite so mad.