Jewel Songs

A few days after graduation my girlfriend and I were driving home one day and when we came to the stop sign off the freeway exit a song came on the radio and my girlfriend stopped and turned it up. She looked over at me and told me this song explained exactly how she felt about me. It was 'Near You Always' by Jewel she watched my face during the whole three minutes and a bit of the song to see if I felt it like she felt it. It is a sweet song and it was really a good description of how young love feels but it was just awkward at the moment. There were people waiting behind us and I was uncomfortably aware of them waiting for us to go and I was trying to make my eyes and face let my girlfriend that I did really like her very much but I wanted to do that and keep the car rolling. I must have looked impatient because she huffed a little and then turned right and drove down main street obviously frustrated with me. In retrospect I should have been more interested in her sincere expression of love for me and drank it in, inconvenienced motorists be damned. There are so few time in our lives when life is good and everything is right and I didn't appreciate it until it was gone. Too bad, I guess there's never next time. As a side note to this story Jewel actually shares my birthday and my birth hospital. She was born exactly four years before I was in the Payson Utah hospital. Cool beans right?