I Go Out on a Date With Another Girl

Even though I had a really steady girlfriend I was still prone to little flirtation especially with the cute underclass girls that were in my chemistry class. There was one there that was really cute and had a boyfriend who was also in class. I used to make a point of insinuating myself between them, turning my back to him and asking her how she was doing. She was a cute and shy type of girl who blushed when I flirted with her which was nice. She was much more Martha Stewart and less girl power than my girlfriend. Which is the kind of woman I have a little trouble getting interested in usually because a lot of times they're really eager to please and I prefer a little abuse from my females. Anyway after a couple of weeks of flirting and sitting by her and whatnot I had heard that she broken up with her boyfriend, who was actually a pretty cool kid, so I bet I felt a little bad for him, but more excited about my prospects. There was a girls choice dance coming up and I playfully begged her to ask me even though I had a girlfriend and I knew my girlfriend wasn't going to take me. So it was a half joke, have hope sort of situation. And lo and behold she did ask me out and I asked my girlfriend if she thought I was okay and my girlfriend laughed and said, 'Sure, whatever, I am not taking you'. So I did whenever, which is generally not a good idea if a girl suggests to do whatever.