An Old Girlfriend and the New One Don't Get Along

If you member back a little ways I told you about a girl in Florida that I dated, and that I led her on a little bit, what I hadn't really made clear, I think, is that I'd never stopped leading. So when she came out for a visit the next spring I was sort of committed to my new girlfriend but she was under the impression the we were still keeping our thing on a low simmer and were going to reignite it soon. The old girlfriend called me and set up a time we could get together to go rock climbing and I still chickened out of letting her know that I had another girl in my life. That would've been the ideal time to tell her, you know, Before they met? Anyway, I set up to meet her one afternoon that spring of my senior year in a parking lot in a town a few miles north so we could go climbing in the canyon that was close to there. The thing is somehow it worked out that my girlfriend found out about it and she invited herself along. When I pulled up in my truck to meet my Florida girlfriend I had my current girlfriend in the cab and there was no way that was going to end well but I pushed forward anyway. What added to the awkwardness of the situation is that they both thought they were my girlfriend and I hadn't really cleared that up. Also, somewhat ironically they were both dressed almost identically wearing khaki shorts, a white tank-top and boots with socks. When I first pulled up beside old girlfriend she looked pretty happy to be seeing me after a year. That happy look kind of melted away into confusion when she noticed there was a girl in the truck with me. I got out and said 'hi' and introduce my girlfriend not as my girlfriend but by her first name and did so conversely with my other old girlfriend. They were both looking each other sizing things up and realizing what the situation exactly was. They were pretty polite at first but then they started in with some passive aggressive jibes and both of them being quite high toned didn't help to de-escalate the situation. In fairness to them, this whole thing was entirely my fault. We drove up to the canyon across town, got geared up scaled a couple climbs and the whole time the tension is mounting and each girl is trying to stake her claim by making sure that she was as close as possible to me and touching me whenever she could to establish dominance. The problem being is that they were both way too intense to be cowed and things just got more and more uncomfortable. After about an hour climbing I feared violence was about to break out and I suggested we called it a day. When I asked what the Florida girlfriend was doing that night and before she could respond my girlfriend who was most adamantly against PDA reminded me that we already had plans and kissed me square on the mouth. That was the coup de grace in the Florida girlfriend, who I still thought was really cool decided she'd seen enough and said she was busy anyway and left. I never talked to her again. I just hope all of the other men she met in her life weren't such selfish jerks. I thought with all the public kissing my girlfriend was going to be more into me and reward me with some making out. But somewhere in her love addled mind she also felt that being brought along on a date with an old unbroken-up with girlfriend was not the coolest way to spend an afternoon either and she was cool to cold for a day or ten.