If Murder is Committed I Am on Point

My chemistry teacher used to joke about all kinds of things that aren't very funny to joke about but one day he took a line that was really scary. This particular day he was exceptionally mad at bird over something or another and threatened to go out to his car, get his gun, come back and shoot him. The two reasons I didn't think this is funny was first; he did have a gun and second; he didn't just say 'I will kill you' he told us the specific practical steps his plan would need to come to fruition. Everybody got really quiet and the teacher told my friend and I that he liked us pretty well so if he did end up shooting Bird in the head and then locked himself in his office and had his gun in his mouth threatening to kill himself that we were supposed to come talk him down. We looked at each other and then back to him and told him he had a deal. This is simply good manners, because if the psychopath who is threatening to shoot a student in the head asks you to talk him down from suicide you say yes. Common, flipping, courtesy, not to mention the oldest rule in the book. He never did end up shooting Bird, and its kind of a shame too, I would've been pretty heroic talking the madman out of whatever he was planning to do next.