Girls are Not as Strong as Boys

I have mentioned lots of times how very much my girlfriend was into feminism. She was convinced that women had made and done everything of any note in the history of the world and that women were equal, if not superior, to men in every measurable way. One day when I was over at her house she started saying that she wouldn't worry about any guy assaulting her because all she would do is kick him in the nuts. I explained to her that since the very beginning of a boy's self-awareness when guys know they have nuts and that they are extremely tender they are the first thing we defend in any situation not just during the assault of a woman. She told me that if someone ever tried to grab her she would just fight loose using her anger and rage. I told her I didn't think that would be possible against a guy of any size or any strength. She insisted she could get away easily. So I challenged her to try and escape a basic wrestling hold I would put her in and she could try to escape using any weapon in her kicking, punching, biting, arsenal. She agreed a little over-confidently. You have to understand that at this time I was not much bigger than she was, maybe 10 pounds or so, and we were both in pretty good shape, having been rock climbing every day. I closed the distance between us in two steps and grabbed her arms to keep her from punching me I spun her around with her arms crisscrossed across her chest holding both of her wrists under her armpits. She started trying to kick me and so I settled her onto the couch and tangled her legs up in the leg scissor. Her brother who was taking the 'you couldn't get away' stance with me started telling her to trying get away and to fight harder. She was trying her best to kick and to bite but she was hopelessly overpowered and getting really quite angry. I wasn't saying much but her brother was laying it on and she was getting seriously furious. When I finally let her go after about 5 minutes she was exhausted but not so exhausted as to not slap me, call me in a-hole and tell me to leave. I tried to remind her that she had agreed to the challenge but she was hearing none of it. She stormed up to her room kind of rage crying. I followed up after and told her I thought we're just playing around but she didn't see it that way. I apologized and went home while her brother kept making fun of her something I wished he would've stopped. She called me a couple hours later when she'd calmed down and apologized for getting so angry. I never again mentioned this physical challenge reality check and she never asked for a rematch.