All Night Jelousy

The idea of the all night senior party was to keep us contained and not drinking booze and then driving or doing ill advised sex to each other. The idea was to mix and reminisce for one last time sign some yearbooks and tell everyone we would always love them and never forget them. My problem was that for the second time in my life I was genuinely in love with a girl and it was driving me crazy with jealousy. Every time she would go and hug another guy and laugh with him it was like cold acid was being poured into my brain and I wanted nothing more than to keep her close to me and out of the company of possible kissing accident inducing guys. I had a miserable night purely ruined by my semi-rational fears that my girlfriend would cheat on me or spark an interest and leave me. I walked around and talked to some people but I was mostly trying to keep my girlfriend in sight. I never used to care so much because I could just go find a more or less interchangeable replacement but this was the first time since my first girlfriend that I wanted this one and no one else. Well, in fairness I wanted her to be all mine but I was still looking to keep my options open. That might not make sense if you are not a libidinous teenage boy with little empathy and life experience. We passed the night without incident or much entertainment and I went home with my friend Cole and my girlfriend went home with her best friend.