I don't know what freedom and fun that high school students think lives just outside the confines of home life, free room and board, little to no responsibility and a place where all of your friends gather for a several hours a day but it is a lie. By May all of the seniors were ready to move on to what we thought would be more freedom, more money and more fun - because we were stupid. Whatever the motivation or compulsion to escape - freedom or exile was almost ours, ready or not. We were out of school a week or two before graduation and that is when it sunk in that I would not be achieving my goal of speaking at graduation. The graduation was held at the local college and it was the basic talking and blah blah and then we got to walk where you get your diploma and then walk over for a picture. I had toyed with the idea of doing something funny and memorable but I chickened out and did nothing. After the ceremony I got pictures with my family and went to say goodbye to all of the underclass friends of mine that were in attendance. We hugged and made the un-keepable promises we feel we must make on parting and I went home to get rested up for the senior all night party. It was supposed to the momentous marking of the greatest accomplishment of my life but it was one of the more anticlimactic afternoons of my life.