I Get Cheated On

Alright, now back to the girlfriend already in progress. By the spring of our senior year we've been dating for a couple of months we were pretty much understood to be exclusive. That is to say I understood that we were exclusive, she may have been fuzzy on that fact. A kid that I had to kick off the friend team in junior high because he was dishonest and a bit of a turd had come back from Idaho for a visit and was staying in a house right next to my girlfriend sisters house. I had known that they were hanging out a little bit but one day when I came over to her house to chill I overheard her on the phone talking with her girlfriend about how she didn't mean to but they had just kissed. She talked to her girlfriend about how bad she felt and how she did not know how to tell me. After I heard her, I made some noise like I was coming in for the first time and played it cool like I didn't know was going on. I was hurt a little but not so much as I found an opportunity for some real top-level manipulation. I came in over-nice and over-cheerful telling her how much I missed her and how much she meant to me. That said put her into some deep guilt and I decided to keep my foot on the gas pedal of shame. I asked what she been up to, she said not much so I asked if she'd been hanging out with my old friend. When she told me that she had, I acted excited and asked how he was doing. She was getting more and more sad and was looking wracked with guilt. I started asking her what was wrong because she looked sad, she said she didn't want to tell me, I sat down by her gave her a big hug and told her if anything was wrong I was there for her. Then I pushed her over the edge by telling her the only thing I cared about was that she was happy. She broke down crying and said she was sorry, I asked what she was sorry for. She said she didn't want to tell me, so I said that was fine and laid back on the bed. She was still sitting up and she turned and told me it had to do of my ex-friend. This is when I really turned it on, I asked if he was okay, pretending that I was hoping he wasn't sick or something. She said that he was okay but that they had done something. I was still playing it cool, pretending I didn't know already and asked her what she had done. She finally worked up the courage and got out that they had been wrestling around and when they went to the floor he'd kissed her and she kissed him back but that then she felt immediately guilty and came right home. I whipped up the saddest face I could have and said a line that I had heard from a movie somewhere, "I guess I just love you more than you love me." Bam! She tried to give me a hug and stood up and told her I needed to go think about this she asked me couple times not to leave but I felt my leverage was increased by my absence. I went and got in my car and drove up the canyon and sometime during that drive it actually sunk in that my girlfriend had kissed my douche-bag ex-friend and my fake indignation and manipulative ways give way to actual rage and puppy dog hurt.