Coffee Forgiveness

Another funny thing about that chemistry teacher was that for his favorites he was not a huge stickler for attendance. If you missed a day because you just didn't want to come to class all you had to do was tell him you were off doing something more fun and he would excuse you. Or because we had him the first class after lunch if we are running late my friend Cole would buy him some coffee and then when we came in 20 or 30 minutes late he'd start to yell at us and Cole would tell him he got him a cup of coffee then hand it over and go sit down and it would be like nothing ever happened. I'm not sure if they teach that in college when teachers are learning to teach but is not a really good method for maintaining a sense of law and order. it would be pretty funny in a sitcom, but as I understand it those classrooms in high school situational comedies are more made up than real.