I Somehow Forgot a Whole Love Interest

Somehow in all the excitement to tell you about everything that was happening I forgot an entire love interest. The whole girl and her friends actually. One of the perks of being a senior was that they had a new batch of young and untainted women coming up who viewed us as older wiser and possessing of cars, driver's licenses and money. Most of the girls our age had already been picked over pretty well and everybody knew who had dated whom and all the various details of their love lives and other such gossip. With this new batch of girls there was a group of friends who had quite a few cuties so my friend Cole and I preformed a little joint maneuver to get two of them separated from the pack. I was under the impression that these young ladies would have a lot less self-esteem and therefore be much more susceptible to suggestion. I asked the one of them I had singled out to a dance, the cheapest of the year. It was called 'Recession' reflect its inexpensive nature and the idea was to do everything on the cheap. For our date we went up the canyon and climbed to the top of very tall pine trees and tried to swing them far enough back and forth to jump from tree to tree. I never worked up the courage but my friend James pulled it off several times. I think mostly we just watched him. We went dating, dinnering, dancing, good-timing and at the end of the night I thought a little kissing would be a forgone conclusion. That was because I was older and cute and had shown her good time and she would do what I wanted I thought. I made my move and she politely declined and said that she liked me as a friend but she was not very interested in me romantically. What new devilry was this? She was acting like a full-blown regular person with their own tastes and interests, who knew? Cole was having a little more luck with the girl he was perusing and I think they turned the corner into kissing, borderline going out, when things came to an abrupt stop in one of the funniest breakup stories I've ever heard. I don't want to mess it up, so if you're reading this and you feel like it Cole, you might want to tell your version in the comments.