I Talk A Girl Down From a Dirt Bag

During this that I was trying to work out a way to seal the deal with my reluctant love interest I happened to run into an old flame at church one day. She was house and babysitting for a lady who lived by me and so we spent the time we were supposed to be learning about Jesus to talk and catch up. She told me she had been having a hard time dealing with some personal problems and a bad boyfriend. I listened and when church was over I walked with her back to the house she was staying at and then asked her to go for a hike and picnic with me. She seemed really excited to do that and we went out that afternoon and had a great time. She told me that this was the first time she had been happy and stress free in a very long time. I told her she just needed to dump that dirt-bag boyfriend of hers and she could move on and be happier all the time. We went home and she thanked me for a nice time and then latter that afternoon called to tell me that she had taken my advice and dumped her deadbeat boyfriend. I congratulated her and told her if she needed anything I was always there for her. I burned that bridge shortly.