How I Misspend My Days

School was never held much of a draw for me except as a place with a captive audience and a place where girls were bussed in and left for hours on end. At this point in my high school career I had lost all respect for the rule of law and was spending much more time out of school excusing myself into my own custody to go rock climbing, go to a thrift store or just head home for a nap. A typical day would find me at school bright and early so that I could broadcast my announcements and feed my narcissism. After that was done I would consider that chance of rounding up a girl and inviting her out for a day of fun in lieu of education for the day. Many days I could find just such a girl and we would be off to frolic in the Autumn mists. Some times I could not find a cohort and I was faced with the unpleasant prospect of having to playing a hooky solo. Sometimes that would drive me into the desperate action of going to class. That is no way to spend a day. I was absent from class and classes two or three days a week and by the end of the first term I was getting warnings from all corners that I was heading towards ineligibility and disciplinary action. I did not take those warnings seriously and I continued to goof off putting my debate, wrestling and student council gigs in serious jeopardy. Everyday the noose tightened and every day I thought that someday soon I would definitely straighten up and fly right. I was going out with lots of different girls mostly younger ones but the girl I really wanted was at the moment in a relationship with a dirt bag so I was always trying to get her to skip school with me and weasel my way into the starting job on the boyfriend team.