I am Conscripted to Make a Christmas Quilt

With Christmas coming up it was time for grand gestures and romantic endgame. I was getting the feeling that I was getting close on this deal because I was spending three or four nights a week with my long project girl and a lot of that time was spent cuddling and sitting close but there was no movement on the kissing front yet. I cannot remember what I got her for Christmas that year but she went all out and was making me a denim scrap quilt. That kind of quilt is made by cutting out six inch squares of old jeans and then taking the two hundred or so pieces and sewing them together into a blanket and then backing it with another blanket and then tying them both together. It is an immense amount of work and may have been the product of overambitious inexperience.
This is not the one but it looked just like this. 
What I know for sure is what started as a solo project and a secret surprise developed into a full blown cluster mess. After a week or so it went from a secret to an open secret. In ten days it went from her making it for me to me helping and in three weeks there was a whole team on the job including her friends and mother. When it was finished it was a magnificent and warm thing that would last for years. Maybe it has lasted for years, I don't know because a few years later when she was collecting her belongings when she was getting ready to marry someone else it went missing and I heard she had taken it back. Probably a good idea I didn't really deserve its stewardship anymore.