The Pink Weenie Sucks

In a sport already so rife with homoerotic overtones one would think there would be an effort to keep any games which involved whacking shirtless boys with a 'pink weenie' out of the curriculum. One would be mistaken. If practice ad gone well some days the coaches would have us play games to finish off our time. The games were always violent and borderline abusive. One was called 'Slap Back' which if I am remembering right is exactly like 'Duck-Duck-Goose' except instead of tapping heads you slap down hard on someones back to let them know that they are 'it'. It was just some regular slapping and running until one of the huge kids, the one that kicked me incidentally, wound up into a jumping slap and smashed one of the more mellow conscripts and bruised his back in the shape of a hand. The poor dude didn't even jump up to give chase he just screamed and writhed on the floor and started to cry. Good, clean, fun. The hit had been so vicious that no one to my knowledge even teased the kid about crying we all just felt bad and were glad it was not us. It may come as a surprise to people who have never been in combat sports of any type how often tears, if not full blown crying, is involved. This holds true all the way to the ranks of professional martial artists and Olympic wrestlers. The game I teased at the first of this story was a modified game of tag where the person that was it had a towel that was rolled tight and and wrapped in pink duct tape. Once again the game was played shirtless and the weenie man would start in the middle of a marked of circle and when a signal was given everyone else tried to get away before he could get his big pink ersatz weenie on their naked bodies. Not unlike a long navel voyage or a stay in prison the winner of this game was the last one untouched by the guy with the mandate to touch one and all with his weenie. Nothing untoward here, just boys learning to be men - real manly men.